Производител на хартиени консумативи в Пловдив

Products from Clean Trade Ltd. - Paper towels, kitchen roll, toilet paper, dispensers and dispensers from Clean Trade Ltd.

хартиени кърпи за ръце

Paper Hand Towels

Great solution for your hygienic premises!

  • Two-layer with glue between the two layers
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 cm
  • Number in a package: 150 or 200 pieces
  • Брой в кашон: 20 пакета
  • Number per pallet: 32 stacks

Paper Kitchen Roll

High quality product! 
Economical and absorbent! 

  • Weight of the roll: 800g
  • Two or three layers
  • Брой в кашон: 6 броя
  • Number per pallet: 40 stacks
  • Possibility to make to your size

Toilet Paper

Different types of toilet paper according to your preferences

  • Toilet paper on a roll: 70 g, 80 g. and 100g.
  • Jumbo toilet paper - 400 g.
  • Toilet Paper in foils 
  • Possibility to make to your size

Suitable for restaurants, fast food restaurants, kitchens and dining rooms

  • Napkins 25/25
  • Napkins 30/30
  • 1000 pieces in a stack
  • Possibility to print a company logo

High quality product! 
Rich variety of types and colors

  • Paper Hand Towels Dispenser
  • Jumbo toilet paper dispenser
  • Toilet paper in foils dispenser
  • NEW PRODUCT!!! Combined dispensers DUO 2in1

High quality product! A variety of types and colors to fit your ideas perfectly

  • Touchless dispenser
  • Dispenser with elbow arm
  • Дозатор за течен сапун
  • Foam soap dispenser
  • Disinfectant dispenser

Protective Equipment

Certified protection products

  • Disposable protective masks and protective masks FFP2
  • Disposable overshoes
  • Protective overalls
  • Disposable bedding set
  • Gloves - latex and nitrile without powder
  • Protective coats


High quality product! With a certificate and permission from the Ministry of Health

  • Hand disinfectant - gel and liquid
  • Дезинфектант за повърхности
  • Дезинфектант за под

In different cuts according to the method of use

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